The Networking Lab


What It Is

This exclusive coaching program is specifically and only for those who strive to increase their clout, impact or social capital. You are ready to step into a leadership role or increase your business/brand exposure and want to learn how to command an audience and crowd anywhere you go.

  • No longer be paralyzed by self-conscious fear when in groups or attending events
  • Capitalize on new connections without compromising your integrity
  • Become masterful at seamlessly positioning yourself as an expert or leader

What You Can Expect:

1) A fully-customized program itinerary will be designed for you that includes attending live events that match your interests, niche or business.

2)  You’ll receive personalized time with me as I observe and coach you in-person.  I’ll demonstrate new methods, approaches and tactics to help you deepen and sharpen your professional relationship building and networking skills. You will have the opportunity to practice and try out some new skills in a safe and neutral environment.

3)  We will work on your “brand” and messaging to make sure it’s authentic and aligns with your business so that when you are out and opportunities arise to introduce yourself or meet others, you will be confident and effective in communicating who you are.

4)  You will learn how to stand out from the crowd and be memorable to people you meet.

5)  You will learn how to gain access to people, companies and brands that others only wish they could.

 Remember, you have a talent and gift to share with the world; it’s time to step up the performance…and results! Building genuine relationships is THE key!


What To Do Next:

After completing the information form (below) you’ll be contacted to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your primary concerns and goals, answer any questions and ensure we are on the same page and that this program is ideal for you.

Upon the Completion of Your Coaching Session:

  • You will receive a professional relationship road map developed just for you.
  • You will know exactly how to proceed with your current contacts and also have a structured plan of how to increase the quantity and depth of your network.
  • You will feel more empowered and confident…and others will notice and begin to flock to you
  • "Jillian took a different approach. She was able to give actual examples."

    Networking Lab Attendee
  • "I found her tips to be enlightening. I am now inspired to amp up my own network."

    Networking Lab Attendee
  • "Jillian really simplified what networking is and made it a lot less scary and burdensome."

    Networking Lab Attendee

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