Corporate & Event Ambassador

Have an event coming up and…

Want to add energy to the room?

Want doors to be opened with certain attendees?

Want a Professional Connector to tactfully “work the room” on your behalf?

Do you want…

to humanize your company by connecting directly with your audience or stakeholders?
to maximize the opportunity for face time with (new & potential) clients?
to broaden the reach of your organization and penetrate new markets or demographics?
to strengthen your brand’s image?
to bring energy & life to your brand?
to create brand awareness?

Let’s discuss your needs. Options are available for single events and/or for pre-determined time frames.

“Jillian’s insight in how to reach out to potential clients is both refreshing and critical in today’s fast moving markets.  She challenged us to reach beyond what was obvious so that we could connect with clients in a more powerful and relevant way.  As a result of her help, we have become much more conscious and intentional about how we reach out, build relationship and stay connected with our previous, current and potential clients.”

Howard Teibel, Teibel Inc.