Bringing Hope to the Children of India: Jillian Chats With Ian Forber-Pratt (video)

July 12, 2013 - 1 minute read

This episode features a conversation about Ian’s personal journey beginning as a young boy. Adopted from India by a Canadian-American family, he talks about growing up with a “question mark.” Wait until you hear how he took one step at a time, literally, towards claiming his life’s goal of bringing a nationalized foster care system to India.

Personally, I related with much of what Ian talked about and I really hope you also find some value or inspiration from his story and message. Ian is an excellent example of what one person can do, when they make the decision. What decision is brewing inside of you?

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Finally, please share this with anyone you know who might benefit from this interview or that might be able to provide support to Ian and Foster Care India. Thank you in advance for helping me to promote Ian and his work. đŸ™‚