You’re under constant pressure. 

You’re constantly juggling priorities. Trying to work more “on” the business rather than “in” the business.

You need someone you can trust, who has your back. Someone who will provide support & encouragement but also a kick in the ass when you REALLY need it.

Someone to hold you accountable, keep you on track, challenge you, and identify your blind spots.

Any one or all of these things could be holding you back, causing inefficiencies, or negatively impacting your ability to lead the way you know you’re capable of.

Typically, this is for executives, business owners, or entrepreneurs who want to have someone in their corner. 

Does This Sound Like You?

Solution: A Fix with Jillian

What You Get

  • A trusted confidant that you can share anything with, and I do mean anything
  • Someone who can listen and reflect back at you some of what you might be overlooking, undervaluing or flat out missing (aka “blind spots.”)
  • Personal accountability for those who are managing others and their goals and deadlines
  • To be held accountable
  • Someone to tell you like it is, be direct and challenge you
  • A regularly scheduled burst of positive energy to help reignite your motivation and propel to you move forward and take bold steps

How it Works

  • First, you schedule a time for us to chat. In order for this to be valuable, we both need to feel that “click.”
  • From there, we’ll decide if it makes sense for us to talk again. At that point, we’ll discuss the frequency and duration of our future sessions. Over the years, the most common schedule is to have more frequent discussions to get started and then shift to a quarterly session.