Passion + Action = Happy and Self-Sufficient: Jillian chats with Ines Gaschot

June 8, 2013 - 2 minutes read

In this interview we learn how a recent college grad has built a thriving business and is growing an international audience around something she is passionate about. Ines Gaschot shares how she got started and specifically what she has already accomplished in her first year. Her passion for positive reinforcement dog training is now accessible to people around the globe.

This will appeal to one of two groups of people.

First, those of you who are growing tired of the inner grumblings and are literally on the cusp of finally taking steps forward to express yourself and share your expertise or passion in a bigger way…or maybe you have already done so but are still looking for other tidbits and suggestions from others doing the same thing. Maybe you need some motivation to keep moving forwards.

Otherwise, perhaps you’re a dog owner and are interested in what Ines has to offer in the way of programs, instruction or resources. Either way, I hope you enjoy this interview and find it to be helpful.

Note: I want to apologize ahead of time for the sketchy video quality; this was recorded literally in the midst of a very powerful storm. I do think that there is still enough value in this conversation so hopefully you can look beyond the blurry part.

To learn more about Ines and her work, visit or to check out her book, click image below:

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video interview and/or read this blog post. It makes me happy to promote people who are out there in the world acting on their passions and striving to make a difference. I will continue to interview people who have great stories or messages that I believe are relevant, helpful or inspiring.