Engagement 2014 – 2015 (1.5 years)

Initial Scope: help digitize an established and successful business

  • Consulted w/founder/owner
  • Created 6-part webinar series (content + decks), created GTW account & taught client how to do everything. Sustained for years. (since 2014!)
  • Built out email marketing from scratch. Taught client/staff and it has continued 8+ years later
  • Website updates
  • Created blog


“I contracted with Jillian to move my business to the next level.  For me, that meant having her help design and implement a digital marketing platform for mailings, webinars, access to social media, website revision, etc.  It’s very hard to summarize what Jillian is capable of doing as she is one of the smartest people I have ever known on so many levels.”

“What I liked the best about how she worked with me was that she started out by interviewing me so that she could learn about my business before making any suggestions whatsoever. I knew from the start that whatever she recommended it would be custom fit specifically for Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC.  rather than just a boilerplate.”

“Jillian is honest and extremely hardworking. She has very high expectations for herself as well as her client. Because she can handle the whole “package” you are then able to access a professional who can take a full view of your entire company rather than hiring various people to work on component parts.”