Professional Relationship Strategy & Consulting

The Jillian Group provides consulting services to organizations interested in addressing these topics:

Evaluating the 10 types of relationships critical to business health & success
How to create the "Ripple Effect" to attract new clients and top-notch employees
Elevating work place and team culture
Identify relationship blindspots
Reducing miscommunication and inefficiencies, both internal & external
Capitalize on and leverage your strongest prototypical clients

Let’s spend some time talking about what your needs are. We offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation where we can pinpoint some of the opportunities that you are sitting on.

We will assess your current culture, systems and procedures for client, employee and vendor relations and make practical recommendations that can be implemented systematically.

Client Feedback

“Jillian’s insight into how to reach out to potential clients is both refreshing and critical in today’s fast-moving markets.  She challenged us to reach beyond what was obvious so that we could connect with clients in a more powerful and relevant way.  As a result of her help, we have become much more conscious and intentional about how we reach out, build relationships and stay connected with our previous, current, and potential clients.”

Clients & Engagements