Steve at MIT: Handshake #1

January 26, 2013 - 3 minutes read

As we move through the days, weeks, months and years of our lives and careers there is a steady stream of new people we see and meet. Some we naturally gravitate to and others, not so much. We can meet people who instantly capture our attention and respect or other times there is something that just doesn’t feel right to us or that we just don’t connect with. One of the greatest experiences I continue to have is being open and meeting new people and the bonus of discovering a solid and great person, sometimes even a new friend. We just never know how new connections and relationships can impact us nor do we know when that might happen.

Recently at an event held at MIT (Seth Godin’s Icarus Session) I had the type of day surrounded by several hundred people, it was a connection haven. One handshake led to another and soon I was being introduced to a man who was perched up on the stage with his legs dangling down and a giant smile stretching across his face. Who else but Steve Garfield (from!) of course!

2 hours later we were finally walking out of the auditorium alongside his (and my new!) friend C.C. Chapman when suddenly we realized that everyone else was long gone! How quickly the time can go when we’re truly engaged and genuinely interested in one another.

What I most respect and appreciate about Steve is how sincere he is in his approach to his professional and personal life. Part of his authenticity and brand permits him to be vulnerable and open up to share his thoughts, feelings and perspectives with the world. I have been fortunate to break bread with Steve on several occasions and I continue to be both refreshed and inspired by his consistent and gregarious demeanor. He is playful, insightful, supportive, curious and exceptionally generous.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge one other thing about Steve that I love and really resonates with me …the adventure! You just never know what he will be photographing, filming, testing or experimenting with next! From high-tech devices to luxury vehicles to beer, his scope is limitless! I can’t wait to experience the next chapters of the Steve and Jillian handshake chronicles!

To check out Steve’s work, check out his website at