Have you tried to schedule a meeting with multiple people lately? It seems like everyone is busy and over-scheduled.

Finding a time to meet with one person is often a challenge. Trying to find a time that is conducive with a group of people can be even trickier, and lead to an endless thread of emails back and forth. Inevitably, someone misses an email or mistypes the date and the meeting often gets pushed back again and again.

A super simple, user-friendly, and FREE online scheduling tool is Doodle.com.

As the meeting organizer you can go in and create a new meeting, add the location and other important details, and then create a calendar of possible dates and times that work for you. Once you’ve done so, a custom URL will be made that you can either have Doodle send out to your invitees or else you can manually send the email yourself and include the link (I prefer this option).

Here’s how it works.

First, create an event. You don’t need to login in or set up an account. Just click “Schedule an event” to get started.

Doodle 1

Schedule an event without creating an account or logging in.

Next, enter the details of your meeting.

Doodle 2

Enter the title, location, and description of your meeting, as well as your name and email address.

After you enter the meeting details, you’ll be brought to a screen where you can select all the dates and times that you’re available. A perk of being the meeting organizer is you can select only times that work for you and then all other invitees will to choose from that list.

Doodle 3

Click on the days you are available to give options to the other attendees.

Now, get your custom url and share it with your guests. After everyone’s response, choose the time that works for everyone and send out the meeting invite.

If you have never used Doodle before, give it a try. And consider sharing it with anyone you know who has trouble scheduling meetings … which may be everyone. Let me know how it goes.

There is no shortage of applications and software programs, so my goal is to highlight simple, yet effective, tools I either come across or use myself. I hope these are helpful to you too.

Have you tried Doodle? What do you think? Did you use it for business or a personal activity or event? Is there another scheduling tool you like? Please share your thoughts in the comments.