This is a dedicated hour where Jillian will focus on YOU

We can talk through your new business idea or career opportunity.
As an objective outside perspective, I’ll help you identify additional revenue opportunities or potential stumbling blocks.
Do you have the proper tools, mindset and network to achieve your goal?
Identify specific actions you can take today to move the needle in the direction of making progress.
Sometimes we all just need someone to truly listen to us. We will put our heads together and help you gain clarity, perspective and a path forward.
Finally, some of us need to feel challenged or an infusion of inspiration to get us going.
PLUS, I will share any resources, contacts, or ideas that I can during the session to
help you move forward even faster.


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About Jillian:

For two decades as an entrepreneur, Jillian has been helping professionals make connections and attain their business goals. An expert at networking and relationship development, she has the ability to open doors and create opportunities. Jillian’s trustworthiness and highly positive energy has inspired senior-level executives and business owners across the nation.

Her approach to relationship building has enabled her grow her network of relationships to just under 10,000 people without using ads or sending a single email campaign.

Her previous work includes: TEDx Talk “The Lens of Connectivity” and her first book “20/20 Mind Sight: Refocus, Reignite & Reinvent Your Life From the Inside Out.”

You can also download her free eBook & email course, “9 Steps to Increase Your Professional Network.”

  • “Jillian has a certain presence…”
  • “A GREAT speaker and it shows how passionate (she is) about networking. It was inspiring!”
  • “Organized well…effective and helpful…for people entering the business world.”
  • “Great workshop. (Your) passion for the subject is crystal clear. Thank you!”
  • “Her stories about her connections she made…were inspiring.”
  • “I found (your) tips to be enlightening. I am now inspired to amp up my network!”
  • “Jillian took a different approach. She was able to give actual examples…”
  • “Jillian really simplified what networking is and made it a lot less scary and burdensome…”
  • “Very helpful and extremely practical.”
  • “Great lecture- excellent content and great delivery!”
  • “I learned a lot of useful and practical skills.”
  • “Jillian is a great presenter. Her session is a must­see for anyone who needs to improve their networking skills. She works the room like a pro, is engaging, funny, and has attendees engaged from the moment she starts her session. Advisors leave with a complete understanding of and increased confidence in how to network professionally and for success.”

    ­Robert Foney, CMO and VP of Practice Management, Investors Capital Corporation
  • “Jillian is one of the most dynamic people I have ever met in my life; the ultimate conduit for connections. If you do know Jillian, you know what I mean; if you don’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

    David Clayman ­ Co­Founder, Twelve Points Wealth Management
  • “Jillian Vorce has a rare gift. Jillian is one of those unique people who understands how to care for and commit to helping others. She is a true servant in every sense. We hired Jillian to work as a Networking Ambassador at Social Media Marketing World. She was stellar. Despite the crazy demands of thousands of people, Jillian worked diligently to help people make connections. She also helped make our event an overwhelming success. I strongly recommend her.”

    Michael A. Stelzner ­ CEO and Founder, Social Media Examiner
  • "Jillian took a different approach. She was able to give actual examples."

    Networking Lab Attendee
  • "I found her tips to be enlightening. I am now inspired to amp up my own network."

    Networking Lab Attendee
  • "Jillian is a true ‘connector’ who leverages her relationships to help others achieve great things."

    John G., Atlas Wealth Strategies
  • "Jillian has an exuberant personality and an infectious friendliness that makes those who meet her very comfortable."

    Thomas Wingate, Manager of DataComm Facilities, Framingham MA
  • "Jillian really simplified what networking is and made it a lot less scary and burdensome."

    Networking Lab Attendee
  • "The seminar was so informative and aspiring! I am definitely going to follow your advice, because it actually makes sense."

    Networking Lab Attendee