Jillian Vorce
CEO of The Jillian Group, Inc.

For two decades, Jillian has been helping professionals make connections and attain their business goals. An expert at networking and relationship development, she has the ability to open doors and create opportunities. Jillian’s trustworthiness and highly positive energy have inspired senior-level executives and business owners across the nation.

In 2003 she founded The Jillian Group, Inc., where she and her team provide services including idea generation, professional network optimization & engagement audits, and management consulting.

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Our Team

We are a team of professionals whose experience in business, marketing, and technology spans a collective seven decades. It’s the combination of our experience along with our extensive network of relationships that makes us the choice firm for many companies.

But More Importantly, What About You?

You’re great at what you do.
Your company has enjoyed success over the years.
You have a reputation that you’d like to uphold.
You value your customers, clients and employees.
You’re beginning to realize or are well aware that what got you to today will not carry you into the future.

Do any of these describe you? If so, you’re in good company. The clients we work with come from an array of industries but yet they all have those things in common. They’re successful companies who have a track record and want to remain relevant and profitable in 2022 and beyond.

It begins with a conversation. Tell us about your business. What is your vision? What happens if you do nothing? How will we measure success?

Organizations who want more strategic connections, collaboration, and credibility
hire The Jillian Group to make it happen.