The Lens Treatment

The 4 facets of a forward-thinking, progressive, innovative, modern company.

The Lens Treatment is our discovery process. We will explore 4 quadrants of your business to identify soft spots as well as levers of opportunity. Having an objective, experienced, and dedicated team handle your business with discerning care should help you and your team feel at ease and inspired.

In our experience, most organizations have the “right” ingredients, they’re often just not being utilized properly or efficiently. Sometimes it’s easy to get blinded by what worked in the past and to be resistant or fearful that change will have negative consequences. On the contrary, we believe we can help you hone in on a couple of areas that are holding you back.

  • Have you mapped out your ecosystem and identified your 10 stakeholder relationships?
  • How are your stakeholder relationships nurtured? Reactive, ad hoc, or through thoughtful, strategic, and proactive strategies?
  • Are you continuing to attract top talent, those who are compatible with and complimentary to your company’s culture?
  • Do you have an employee engagement strategy?
  • How much value do you provide to previous clients or customers? If you don’t do so, someone else gladly will, maybe even a competitor. With the marketplace becoming increasingly competitive and consumers having access to information 24/7, it is vital that your organization is proactively nurturing those relationships.
  • Suspect you might be flirting with complacency? Your company once ran smoothly and was profitable, you were at the top of your game and now you fear or suspect you might be losing your edge?
  • New pricing models, including value-based pricing and subscription models, have become more prevalent. When is the last time you reviewed your product or service packaging?
  • Are you still relying on the same sales and marketing methods you used in the past?
  • Are you effectively and strategically employing technology to provide stellar customer service and generate additional revenue?
  • Do you know your numbers?
  • Do you have systems in place that allow you to grow, while still maintaining the same level of service to your clients (past, current, and future)?
  • Are your processes documented? Or are they all scattered amongst your and your team’s heads? When was the last time they were revisited and optimized?
  • Can any of the work that you and/or your team do be automated, to improve internal efficiencies and deliver improved client service?
  • Wondering how to navigate all the new technology and demands to once again lead the way?
  • Are you effectively using data and analytics to identify what is moving the needle for your business?
  • Do you currently use data to make business decisions or improve business processes?
  • Are you embracing sustainability to give your company a strategic advantage?
  • Do you have a sustainability policy?
  • Does your company integrate social or environmental factors into decision-making?
  • Do you do ESG reporting? Why or why not?
  • Is your team remote, hybrid, or all in the office?
  • Have you explored renewable energy options?
  • How active are you in your local community?

If you would like these lenses applied to your business, company or organization let’s schedule a call to discuss. The initial conversation and sharing of ideas is complimentary.