TJG: Your Guide to B Corp Certification

Do you want to tell the world how exceptional your company is?

Let’s do one better, let’s show them.

Join the thousands of B Corp-certified business leaders and companies from around the world who are stepping up their commitment to creating positive impact and transparency. They’re aligning profits with purpose and embracing a new set of measurables that are inclusive, rather than focusing solely on shareholders. They are using business as a force for good®, and you can, too.

What is B Corp Certification?

Companies that are B Corp certified use the B Corp framework to measure the holistic impact they have in the areas of governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. These businesses are leading the way in the areas of equity, inclusivity, and a regenerative economy. Once companies earn B Corp certification, they must continue to meet high transparency and performance standards.

The B Lab nonprofit was founded in 2006, and companies first began earning B Corp certification in 2007. In 2022, the number of companies getting certified as B Corps more than doubled from the previous year. In March 2023, there were over 6400 B Corps worldwide and as of February 2024, there are over 7,913

Moreover, most venture capital firms in Silicon Valley have now invested in B Corps, further solidifying their growing value in the worldwide market.

Companies across a wide range of industries are recognizing the need to commit to this high level of accountability – and gaining greater consumer and stakeholder trust in the process.

There are so many certifications to choose from. Why become a B Corp?

When you become part of the global B Corp community, you’ll know that your organization is upholding a standard of performance and operations that goes above and beyond to satisfy the most meticulous requirements.

Beyond environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting – an important part of B Lab’s framework – B Corp certification offers organizations a chance to be a part of a trusted global community of brands that are going above and beyond environmental impact and measuring their social and economic impacts, as well.

What’s more, B Corps outperform the competition when it comes to both business performance and ESG reporting. B Corps enjoy:

Every certified B Corp must meet rigorous legal standards and pass the B Impact Assessment with a minimum score of 80 to qualify for certification. The cost of B Corp certification is determined by your company’s earnings, making it accessible to a wide range of qualifying organizations.

B Corps: Impact + Results By the Numbers


During the 2008 financial crisis, B Corps were 64% more likely than other businesses of a similar size to make it through the economic downturn


B Corps experience 27% lower employee turnover compared to non-B Corps


B Corps out-perform traditional businesses with an average annual growth rate of 14%, compared to 2-3% for non-B Corps.


B Corps have seen high increases in sales over the past five years. As of October 2017, the B Corps cohort saw a 49% growth in sales compared to 15% for the category cohort


European B Corp organizations report 22% higher growth in annual revenue between periods of certification.


Certified European B Corp businesses add a new Impact Model when they re-certify.

We can help you and your team prepare for B Corp certification.

At The Jillian Group, we work alongside business leaders and teams to guide you through the B Corp certification journey. Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. We’ll start with a conversation to explore and discuss your motivations and questions about pursuing B Corp certification.
  2. Then, we’ll discuss a timeline and the level of support your organization could benefit from during the process.
  3. Next, your internal B Corp team will meet with the TJG team to map out the plan, beginning with the B Impact Assessment.
  4. We will stay by your side throughout your journey, to whatever degree is helpful. Along the way, there may be topics that are deemed highly relevant and considered to be growth opportunities for your company. Our team is poised to provide consulting or training on these topics and/or assist in identifying other external resources as needed.
  5. Finally, we will celebrate your successes along the way to achieving certification.

Ultimately, the data shows us that 83% of the world’s consumers will choose brands that have a proven track record of sustainability. Will you be part of the movement?

Hear From Certified B Corps

Certified in September 2019

To attract A players, Alpine Investors decided to become a B Corp.

Alpine Investors
California, USA

Industry: Equity investing - Developed Markets

“We opened the funnel to as diverse candidates as possible and put them in the seat. The result is a majority-female management team and a thriving business” in a male-dominated industry.” - Kary Jablonski, one of the CEOs to come out of the Alpine program

Certified October 2022

Should we do good or should we make a profit?

Bristol Seafood
Maine, USA

Industry: Agricultural support/post-harvest

That's something that a lot of companies spend time thinking about. We decided to do good in a way that causes us to make a profit. That's really the difference. And it makes those decisions a lot easier when it's not choosing between.” ~ Peter Handy, CEO of Bristol Seafood

Certified in November 2020

Turn good intentions into concrete actions.

Winclove Probiotics
North Holland, Netherlands

Industry: Food products

“B Corp calls us out to turn our good intentions into concrete actions. What really matters is behavior. I believe that companies must aspire to serve as an example in this and to motivate and inspire others.” ~ Maarten Pekelharing, CEO of Winclove Probiotics

Certified in August 2022

Create more positive impact for now and future generations.

Arte Groep
Brabant, Netherlands

Industry: Construction

“We show that as a company you can make a big impact when sustainability is in your DNA. Arte is and remains the driver of positive change throughout the value chain from quarry to end product.”

Certified in June 2023

Demonstrating our dedication

Raconteur Media Ltd.
London, UK

Industry: Publishing activities

As a B Corp, we are demonstrating our dedication to doing more than just talking about purposeful business; we are acting to improve in areas from working practices to environmental governance and how we work with partners.

Certified in February 2017

The myth that only nonprofits can be social mission-driven.

She+ Geeks Out
Massachusetts, USA

Industry: Membership Organization

The myth that only nonprofits can be social mission-driven is lessening, but is still very much prevalent. The reality is businesses can both do good and do well, and we should settle for no less as a society with the greatest wealth in the world.

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