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If you are accustomed to success but realize now is the time to ensure that success is equitable and sustainable, we should chat.

Where to Start?

It can be overwhelming. That’s where we can provide guidance.
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As a business owner myself, I went through a transition that entailed a deep dive into what I was doing, with whom I was doing it, and for, and what the purpose or objectives were.

I explored questions about how I truly wanted to spend my time, the type of people and engagements that ignite my energy rather than deplete it, and how I could better align my business with my personal values. Conventionally, this period of time might be referred to as “downsizing,” but for me, it was a time to recalibrate.

Some areas I dissected, evaluated, and am rebuilding deliberately and mindfully include the role and impact of my business in the community, my team, and the environment, being proactive instead of reactive, and challenging the status quo and limitations of “business as usual.”

Now, it’s time to focus on business as a force for good!

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