We believe sustainability is a growth strategy.

If You’re Ready to Grow Responsibly, Equitably, and Sustainably,
We’re Here to Help

The future of your business depends on how sustainable your relationships, processes, and culture are.
This includes leadership, vision, and decision-making.

At The Jillian Group, we act as guides and advisors as you prepare your business for long-term growth and success.

How We Do It + What to Expect

Our team of creative critical thinkers comes alongside your company to champion integrity and sustainability on every organizational level. We leverage our curiosity to ask strategic questions that reveal areas of improvement, and we use some of the most globally recognized and acclaimed tools on the market to assess and address each area.

Step 1: All About You

It begins with a good old-fashioned conversation. If we can’t get out of first gear, our capabilities, the tools we use, and the resources we have are irrelevant.

Let’s start by getting to know each other – usually a single conversation can help determine if the relationship is worth pursuing. And if so, we’ll take it from there.

Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready yet, you may want to explore our blog articles or sign up for our newsletter.

Step 2: Setting the Objective

Next, it’s time to identify the areas that you are focused on growing or improving. Simply stated, what do you prioritize?

Is it growth? More balanced or consistent revenue? Are you looking for ways to add customer value? Is it addressing employee turnover? Do you want to better integrate and validate your company’s “do good” mission to attract more like-minded employees, customers, investors, or strategic partners?

It’s imperative that we thoroughly discuss your objectives to ensure we are on the same page from square one. This includes how we will measure and determine success.

One of our core values is integrity, and we operationalize it by only taking on new clients we feel certain we can help. Otherwise, we will be delighted to make referrals to other firms that may be better suited.

Step 3: Tools, Assessments + Resources

Now that we are clear on our mutual objectives, we will begin by taking inventory of your current operations, challenges, and productivity as it relates to our objective.

This may include identifying who on your team will be collaborating with us, what the decision-making process is, and agreeing upon KPIs.

These pieces will contribute to our game plan, along with confirming the available resources and our expectations for the engagement, including the timeline and communication cadence.

Whenever possible, we want to build upon current success and not reinvent the wheel, unless the output is causing unintended harm.

Here are some of the assessment tools we may use:

Operational + Sustainability Assessment

We will explore 4 quadrants of your business to identify soft spots as well as levers of opportunity.

Stakeholder Engagement

Let’s assess your stakeholder relationships that can unlock growth opportunities.

B Corp Certification Guidance

Using the B Impact Assessment, we can see how your company measures up against similar companies in your industry and location as well as identify opportunities to increase your impact.

Step 4: Implementation + Results

Together, we will review the results and findings from the assessment tool we used. Following that, we’ll present our playbook to you, which will compile all of the qualitative and quantitative data we have collected coupled with the action points and tips for successful implementation.

Depending on our engagement, our team may be facilitating the implementation of some or all of the strategies we have identified. The ultimate goal is to take the necessary action to help move the needle and realize the rewards of this work. Having a plan that cannot or will not be executed is of little to no value, the opposite of what we’re aiming for.

At this time we will also revisit the original objective and determine if we have achieved it satisfactorily.

You are ready to grow, to increase your company’s performance. Yet you want to do that without exploiting people or the planet.

Where to start? It can be overwhelming. That’s where we can provide guidance. It begins with a conversation.

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