Mission Statement

To inspire innovative, forward-thinking leaders and small to medium-sized companies to embrace sustainability as a strategy, balance profitability with responsibility, and ultimately achieve sustainable and equitable growth.

Our Values

  • We value integrity, direct communication, and a continuous quest to grow.
  • We are a team of equally valued voices, regardless of our roles.
  • We embrace collaboration, change, and sustainability.

Vision Statement

  • To provide a platform for seasoned professionals who are exiting corporate later in life, and are keen to focus their time and energy on projects that feel meaningful and directly benefit people and the planet. TJG welcomes them as partners to help us serve a wider audience of businesses that want support embracing sustainability, ESG reporting, or assistance through the B Corp certification process.

  • To provide accessible support to small and medium-sized enterprises that want to
    • Be better, proactively
    • Use their business as a force for good™
    • Receive third-party verification and validation of their efforts to be equitable and sustainable