Tool Fetish: Doodle for Scheduling

Published on August 4, 2015

Have you tried to schedule a meeting with multiple people lately? It seems like everyone…

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Innovation, The People

Published on October 15, 2013

Technology can open the door to create deeper and otherwise highly unlikely relationships and connections….

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Bringing Hope to the Children of India: Jillian Chats With Ian Forber-Pratt (video)

Published on July 12, 2013

This episode features a conversation about Ian’s personal journey beginning as a young boy. Adopted…

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Passion + Action = Happy and Self-Sufficient: Jillian chats with Ines Gaschot

Published on June 8, 2013

In this interview we learn how a recent college grad has built a thriving business…

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Red Sox and a 3400 mile bicycle ride: Handshake #2

Published on May 15, 2013

You never know who you might be sitting or standing next to and how shaking…

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How to Use Personal Grief to Fuel a Passionate Career: Jillian chats with Jenny Shreiber (video)

Published on April 12, 2013

This episode features a conversation about how to convert sadness, despair or grief into something…

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Steve at MIT: Handshake #1

Published on January 26, 2013

As we move through the days, weeks, months and years of our lives and careers…

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Adventures in Networking

Published on August 14, 2012

For today’s post I had to use video. This “networking adventure” was totally unexpected, as…

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